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Cable/Line Chargers

At we specialize in providing replacement Cable/Line Chargers that can perform as well or better than the Chargers sold by your original Cable/Line manufacturer, at a discount. We insist on only the highest quality Cable/Line Chargers with the best safety features in order to make sure our customers get all the value they need out of every Cable/Line Chargers purchase.


H536T Cable/Line Chargers

90W CAR/AIR Charger Dell Alienware M11x,M11x R2,M11x R3 PC

£48.19 £ 57.83 Discount up to 30%


45N0254 Cable/Line Chargers

Car Power Charger Lenovo ThinkPad S440,Helix 3698 Series PC

£45.10 £ 54.12 Discount up to 30%


1536 Cable/Line Chargers

43W DC/In-Car Charger Microsoft Surface Pro Surface 2 Pro RT Tablet

£36.86 £ 44.23 Discount up to 30%


AA-PA3N40W%2FUSBA44-00286A Cable/Line Chargers

12V 3.33A 40W Car Charger Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-H01UK

£33.77 £ 40.52 Discount up to 30%


A12040N1AAA-PA3N40W Cable/Line Chargers

40W Car Charger Samsung ATIV XE500T1C-A01US,XE500T1C-A01AU

£33.77 £ 40.52 Discount up to 30%


A12-040N1AAD-4012NHF Cable/Line Chargers

Car Charger Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XQ700T1C-A54 Tablet

£33.77 £ 40.52 Discount up to 30%


ACDP-240E01 Cable/Line Chargers

sony LED TV

£39.00 £ 46.80 Discount up to 30%


1747-UIC Cable/Line Chargers

Allen Bradley SLC5/01/02/03/05 PLC

£42.00 £ 50.40 Discount up to 30%


USB-1761-CBL-PM02 Cable/Line Chargers

Allen Bradley Programming PLC Cable Micrologix 1000 Series

£18.00 £ 21.60 Discount up to 30%


A1407 Cable/Line Chargers

Apple 27"A1407 MC914 922-9941

£24.00 £ 28.80 Discount up to 30%


USB Cable/Line Chargers

Charge Cable for PS Vita PSV1000

£17.50 £ 21.00 Discount up to 30%


Cable Cable/Line Chargers

2PCS USB 3.1 Type C to Type C Male to Male Sync Fast Charging Cable Leadfor MacBook

£10.99 £ 13.19 Discount up to 30%