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Mouse Batteries

At we specialize in providing replacement Mouse Batteries that can perform as well or better than the Batteries sold by your original Mouse manufacturer, at a discount. We insist on only the highest quality Mouse Batteries with the best safety features in order to make sure our customers get all the value they need out of every Mouse Batteries purchase.


FT803437PA Mouse Batteries

RAZER Gaming Mouse Battery FT803437PA LP083442A RZ30-00120300-0000

£27.00 £ 32.40 Discount up to 30%


PL993742 Mouse Batteries

Razer Mamba 5G Mouse

£34.00 £ 40.80 Discount up to 30%


WM713B Mouse Batteries

Dell mouse battery

£21.00 £ 25.20 Discount up to 30%


A1672 Mouse Batteries

Apple Magic Mouse 2

£26.61 £ 31.93 Discount up to 30%


533-000229 Mouse Batteries

Logitech G502 HERO

£18.88 £ 22.66 Discount up to 30%