Surge in iPhone sales sees Apple’s profits double

A surge in iPhone sales, especially in China, has led to a doubling of profits at Apple since the start of the pandemic. The results reflected “optimism” about the days ahead, Apple’s boss said. Rival tech firm Facebook also reported bumper revenues and profits. But the social media giant warned Apple’s latest software release could […]

CC Clarke: The mum-shaming on social media is mind-blowing

“I’ve definitely encountered lots of negativity along the way, which is hard to ignore sometimes, but I feel like it just comes with it.” With a make-up brand and two million followers on Instagram, beauty influencer CC Clarke has built a highly successful business career through social media. For small businesses, “tapping into social media […]

Cisco says computer chip shortage to last six months

The boss of networking giant Cisco has said the shortage of computer chips is set to last for most of this year. Many firms have seen production delayed because of a lack of semiconductors, triggered by the Covid pandemic and exacerbated by other factors. Cisco chief Chuck Robbins told the BBC: “We think we’ve got […]

Screen time at ‘breaking point’ but can tech help?

It is no secret that technology has become increasingly present in our lives, especially over the past year. We use our devices to stay in touch with friends and family, to educate and entertain our children and, for many, to work from home. But endless virtual interactions have resulted in so-called Zoom Fatigue, according to […]

Met Office and Microsoft to build climate supercomputer

The Met Office is working with Microsoft to build a weather forecasting supercomputer in the UK. They say it will provide more accurate weather forecasting and a better understanding of climate change. The UK government said in February 2020 it would invest £1.2bn in the project. It is expected to be one of the top […]

TikTok sued for billions over use of children’s data

TikTok is facing a legal challenge from former children’s commissioner for England Anne Longfield over how it collects and uses children’s data. The claim is being filed on behalf of of millions of children in the UK and EU who have used the hugely popular video-sharing app. If successful, the children affected could each be […]

UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm

The UK government is to examine the sale of computer chip designer Arm Holdings to a US company on national security grounds. Japan’s SoftBank intended to sell the UK tech company to Nvidia for about $40bn (£29.5bn). But Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said he wanted the UK’s competition watchdog to assess its implications. “Following careful […]

Charles Geschke: Adobe co-founder who helped develop the PDF dies

Charles Geschke, the co-founder of the software company Adobe who helped develop the Portable Document Format, or PDF, has died at the age of 81. Geschke set up Adobe in 1982, giving the world the ubiquitous PDF software, among many other audio-visual innovations. He made headlines 10 years later when he was kidnapped at gunpoint […]